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Sore as Fuck

Despite the hurricane and the influx of work taking up most of my time, I’m back up to speed and back on my gym grind.

Went yesterday with my boy Eric.

We worked out abs.

I feel like I was struck repeatedly in the stomach with a Louisville Slugger

…I hate ab workouts =(

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I Am True

I never saw the point in holding grudges to those who’ve wrong’d me.

It is ignorance that prevents me from realizing immediately,

How I was wrong’d, was of my own doing.

Ignored went, the signs in vocal tones,

My compassion, not reciprocated,

The glances, always misguided.

In retrospect, I am a knave.

That said, I cannot believe I did what I’ve done to myself.

I’ve shrouded myself in ignorance, that temporary bliss,

Brewed a vice and forced myself to drink, to binge,

Became intoxicated with hubris and arrogance.

Now comes the hangover and I’m quick to regret my actions.

I have long, dark, frigid nights when I stay awake;

The nights I think about you;

The nights I think about them.

When sleep comes to me,

I have trouble waking up.

The disgust at awak’ing

To the bright morning orb

Dictates to me a problem.

I just lay there waiting for a purpose, meaning, and survival

Eventually I awaken to the look of myself in the mirror

I stare long and hard and see the shadow of a past.

I see what everyone sees but are quick to ignore;

They see branches like those of mended glass

 A shattered heart sloppily mended together,

They see a receptacle of lies and deceit,

They see a haggard countenance,

Of I, looking for a shade to rest

Stare long enough,

I’ll see what goes disregarded;

I see good intentions, a heart of gold,

I see my skills, talent, ability and conviction,

I see experience in all walks of life, those long miles treaded,

And my sentiment changes; optimistic I am and what I lived, learned.

Define myself, not, by the decree of others; I become unfamiliar, a stranger.

Define myself, aye, by who I am, what I’ve done, and what I hope to do, I am true.

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A few of my sketches

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